In the year 1996 the world of competitive break dance collided with world of free form club dance expression. Competitive international dance circuits were growing in mass, increasing their patron traffic from hundreds to thousands of attendees. Venues were growing in size, from simple gymnasiums to world class stages in the heart of staple cities throughout the world. The time of originality, dance independence and future thought was emerging. In 2000 there was one name that was at the forefront of every promoter, dancer and sponsor’s mind; Circle of Fire.

Circle of Fire began as a group of forward thinking dancers/artists brought together in camaraderie and like-mindedness. The group set out to take the competitive dance world by storm while maintaining their contemporary thoughts and feelings in dance. There were to be no sacrifices for self expression, no rules to define their ability. Show up and dance, anytime anywhere, was the message.

Touring the world for many years being apart of various productions it was apparent there was more than could be done to elevate dance events. This thought process of being original, new and more exciting gave birth to a series of events that would forever change the way dance events would be produced. Events like the original Red Bull “Lords of the Floor”, came by way of this type of energy; the Circle of Fire had now raised the standard on dance events.

Circle of Fire llc is a production house specializing in entertainment events. Focused heavily with still pushing the limits of original and exciting dance based events. Whether its a themed night club attraction or a festival containing some of the best competitive dancers in tournament fashion. “COF” is producing with the thought of pushing the boundaries in dance events.