House Dance Conference SF

House Dance Conference is the longest running house dance/culture event in the world. Created by legendary dancer Brian “Footwork” Green, the conference has taken on many shapes and forms through its 10 year journey in New York. The conference has embodied everything from competitions to live performances. Accompanying various dance elements, from break dance to modern dance. When it comes to house music and its culture there is no “one-size-fits all” type of scenario. The HDC was created for everyone to enjoy the culture of house music and its community of dance.

Since its conception in New York HDC has been hosted in various major cities around the world including Paris, London, Detroit and our very own San Francisco.

Circle of Fire in partnership with FLO-ology/Brian Green, hosted House Dance Conference San Francisco of 2009 which brought dancers from all over the united states to compete in a head to head house dance competition.