Often times when you think competitive events you are looking for a judged performance or head to head warrior like battle. With all the good that comes with performance and head to head battle type competitive events there is one hugely disappointing factor. The one missing, disappointing element is – “participation”. In a general dance contest of sorts, the majority of dancers entering the event barley get to see 1 minute of the dance floor. They are either eliminated or only make it so far up the tournament bracket. In Soulebrity the rules defy the tradition.

Soulebrity prides it self on being an original concept that takes dancers, no matter what skill level or competitive drive, and puts them all in the same “circle”. The idea here is you have many hours to dance, many hours to enjoy, and the “hosts” (generally looked at as judges) select their favorite dancers based upon vibe, interaction and energy. The result ends up with the possibility to have as many winners as their are hosts. All in all everyone feels they have accomplished something as everyone gets to enjoy dancing with many dancers of all styles and backgrounds. Its an evening filled with good music and good people.

Soulebrity was created in 2003 in the heart of the East Bay, in California. It continues to be an annual international dancer crowd draw – due to its variety of many hosts and qualified DJ’s over the years. Want Soulebrity to come to your city? Let us know!